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Tierney recommends this Northern dish to make the most of swede. You can cook the swede earlier in the day and reheat in the oven – give them an extra 20 minutes or so from cold. 600g large potatoes, peeled and chopped into large chunks […]

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Baked Kale Crisps

First spotted on the Smitten Kitchen website, it seems kale crisps are a well known favourite across the pond. There are lots of suggestions for flavouring these too, from cider vinegar (salt n vinegar kale crisps!) to chilli powder to parmesan. Do try them, even […]

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Kale and miso soup

A warming, savoury but light soup. Great for a day when you feel cold and lacking in energy. As it is, this recipe serves one: multiply it up to feed a crowd. Any greens work here, from sprightly spring cabbage to dark and hearty cavolo […]

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Kale with baked eggs and cheese

The recipe, originally from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, suggests this as a starter for 4 or an elegant main for 4, alongside steamed fish. I suggest it as a rib-sticking cockle-warming gloriously gloopy main for 2, best served with a bowl of crispy potato wedges to dip […]


Glorious Kale

I’m very excited that this week the first of the delicious kales arrived in our vegetable shares. I have a dearly loved recipe for kale with cheese and baked eggs which I’m delighted to be able to cook again, and also a recipe I’m dying […]