Moving in this Weather!

What lovely weather this May is bringing us.  This was great news for the first Norwich Vegan Festival held on Saturday 7th at the Forum.  The FarmShare stall attended, and with Bug Hotel making, guess the number of nuts in the jar, Leon’s plants to sell and Sophie’s edible goodies we covered the cost of our stall and got some good publicity for FarmShare.
Over the past few weeks we have had several queries about how our farm move is going and of course the hot question, “Where is the new farm going to be located??”.
We are working on putting a piece on the website to update members, visitors to the site and anyone interested in our transition.  In the meantime, for regular news, watch out for the FarmShare Newsletter and of course this blog!
This week Emma has written us a newsy update, which includes some of her emotional responses to the logisitics of farm clearing and of course, we always have stuff our volunteers and members can help with…..
We’re now in the full throes of the land clearance at Norwich Farmshare – lots of logistics and headaches but bit by bit we’re getting there, it’s like moving a house but with furniture that weighs in tonnes! On Thursday 11th May we will harvest the last of the Kale and Purple Sprouting which really wants to flower, especially after this hot spell. We will also be clearing up various bits and bobs: anyone with a car or even better, a van, is welcome to come and do a run either to the dump or to move things to Park House and the Mens Shed for storage .  We’re trying to get off the land as soon as possible as it will save us the extra rent.
The occupants of Park House, have kindly agreed to store the current contents of the container, including two dismantled polytunnels as well as the tractor attachments .  without charge. To say thanks I would like to run a few workdays there, maintaining hedges and trees and generally helping out on the land, I’ll keep members posted once I arrange this. It’s also one of the sites we’ll be considering in the site study.
The tractor, tractor attachments (x8), nets, polytunnel hoops etc will be moved with a winch/crane and flatbed lorry which I’m currently looking into, Lizzie and Graham (our Organic suppliers) have a friend who may be able to help or otherwise I have quotes from haulage contractors. The great news is that the Tractor is now fixed and working so I’ve been happily hauling the neatly folded nets and attachments with it to the more accessible parts of the farm, it’s like having an old friend back.
The current plan is to sell the 40 foot container to help with clearance costs and also to save the cost of moving it twice which may even add up to it’s value. I’ll be getting a quote for it’s worth from a company that buy them second-hand who can also move it free of charge usually within a week, which would be ideal. I will be taking pictures of it and the various other items to sell on Thursday too but let me know if you have other solutions (could store, know someone who would buy etc) for the following: barbeque, 10,000 litre Water tank, rather sorry but probably fix-able large shed, chipper (not sure of condition) or if you could help by advertising them on Gumtree etc.
Our site study won’t commence until we’re off the current site so we’ll send an update once we’re off as we’ll be looking for your input from the beginning.
Thanks for your continued support.
I’m in mourning…the last of the sprouting broccoli!  It has been such a delicious addition to our shares since the autumn.  So go on, make your last harvest from the Postwick land count by making an enchanted forest of sprouting broccoli.  Simply make your favourite pilau or curried/spiced rice dish, and then position the broccoli in the rice and as if by magic an enchanted forest appears – simply drizzle with oil or butter, cover and bake until the broccoli is cooked through (about 20 mins).  The recipe was devised by Mollie Katzen a US vegetarian chef and food writer and co-founder of the Moosewood Restaurant.  Dulcey my eldest daughter and a recent vegetarian declared it as her favourite dish of all time – she’s nine, we’re in the era of the hyperbole.  But I have to say it tastes good and looks cute.  Here’s the full instructions:
Have fun in the sun until our next post!
The FarmShare stall at Norwich Vegan FestivalIMAG7551
Claire Gebbett
On behalf of Norwich FarmShare

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