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Firstly, a bit of history: at the start of last summer we asked members of FarmShare if they’d like to pick up other groceries at the weekly share day – we suggested everything from bread, eggs and fruit to dried pulses, pasta and tinned foods. We also asked if members would prefer those things to be local or, if possible, organic and local. Just over 75% of our then members replied (FarmShare has doubled in size since). For the most part feedback was mixed but on fruit it was clear: over 90% wanted it and almost all had a preference for organic.

Having established the vegetable share days we set about looking for a partner to take care of the fruit shares (FarmShare isn’t a shop and we were keen to offer the opportunity to another local business or grower). As yet, and for a number of reasons, we haven’t yet found anyone who can manage Thursday afternoons or who will fit in with our ethos and ways of working.

Therefore we are trialling the Fruit Share scheme ourselves – in the future we can either hand it to someone else to manage or, if it proves straight-forward, carry on doing it ourselves.

So, from February this year, fruit shares have been available from our FoodHub every week. We offer two sizes of fruit share costing £5 and £10. A typical £5 share at this time of the year contains 4 apples, 6 bananas, 5 oranges, a lemon and one other type of fruit.

The fruit is always organic, fair-trade where possible, grown as close to home as possible and never airfreighted. Fancy some? Sign up here.


  1. Posted 24 Mar ’12 at 12:55 pm | Permalink

    We organise the Suffolk Food and Drink Festival and love your idea of farmshare and would be delighted if somebody would come along and give a talk about what you are doing. We would happily give you a free stand at the Festival to talk to other people about the scheme.

    Thank you.

    Paula Edmundson

    • ElenaJ
      Posted 25 Mar ’12 at 4:58 pm | Permalink

      Hi Paula
      That sounds great, we’d love to be involved. Josiah from Bungay is happy to come along to give a talk. He’d be able to tie in other projects around the region, from community-owned farming on the the scale we’re doing it here in Norwich to the wonderful Community beekeeping project in Bungay. Maybe you could email details of the event to

      Thanks, and nice to hear from you

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