Frequently Asked Questions

How much are the various sizes of veg bag (per month)?
Small: £27
Medium: £46
Large: £62

And eggs and fruit (per month)?
Half dozen eggs: £7.10
Dozen eggs: £14.20
Small fruit: £14
Medium fruit: £23.40
Large fruit: £46.80 (not available yet – coming soon)

How much does it cost to be a FarmShare Supporter? 
It costs £2 per month to be FarmShare Supporter. You need to pay this subscription in order to order buy produce. but you can sign up as a Supporter whether you want to have weekly produce or not. Of course, we prefer if you do sign up for produce as well… If you wish to be a special supporter, you are very welcome to make this regular subscription more.

How to I sign up? 
You can sign up for veg/fruit/eggs, or just as a Supporter on the Become a Member page of this website.

I need a smaller/larger veg/fruit bag (or eggs) – how do I change my order?
It’s easy to change the size of your order: send an email to – this needs to be done before the Wednesday of the previous week (at least 8 days before the Thursday on which you want the change). We will advise you of the new price so you can amend your standing order, and we’ll let you know the first collection date for your new order.

I’m going on holiday, what do I do about my veg?
This is a good opportunity to spread the word about Norwich Farmshare. We suggest, if you can, to find a friend who would like to come along and collect your veg for you (and eat it!) while you’re away. This is a way to introduce them to the project and make good use of your share at the same time. However, if this is not possible, please drop us a line to let us know you will be away – before the Wednesday of the previous week (at least 8 days before the Thursday on which you want to cancel your order).

Can I collect my veg later on?
We encourage you to come along to the hub to collect your veg if at all possible. But if you can’t make it, you can always ask for your veg to be put in the outside cupboard to collect later or the following day – as a one-off, or as a regular thing. Requests for locker shares – or changes to regular requests – can be made by texting or calling the hub phone (07546 055584) before 6.30pm (or you can leave a message outside of hub times). We are currently awaiting a security light to be installed so maybe bring a torch or bike light if collecting in the evening.

Can I get my veg delivered?
Arrange for your veg share to be delivered by our cyclist/s: pay just £3 per week to get your share delivered to your door. Please contact us to set this up.

When is the hub open from – to?
You can collect from the hub (47-51 Pitt Street, Norwich, NR3 1DE) (click here for map) between 4.30pm and 7pm. If you are early please feel free to help with setting the hub up, and if you arrive after 6.30pm please do get involved with packing up the hub if you have time.

What if I don’t have a bag, or do we need spare bags?
You can always bring spare bags as we get through them pretty rapidly. If you don’t have a bag and there are none spare at the hub then we have some lovely cotton FarmShare bags (suggested donation) at the hub so you can spread the word while carrying home your veg share.

What is the ‘free box’?
Sometimes there are vegetables in the share that individual members do not wish to keep for various reasons, and so we invite people to put this produce in the free box so that other members can take it away and use it up. Members also from time to time offer their own surplus veg or herbs as a gift for other members to enjoy.

What happens to surplus veg?
Any fruit and vegetables that are not collected on a Thursday or that we have in excess are donated to FoodCycle Norwich. FoodCycle collect surplus produce from a range of suppliers around the city including wholesalers, supermarkets and small grocers and then cook up the results into a community meal served on a Friday evening at the Friends Meeting House from 7pm. Many FarmShare members go along and all are welcome!

Where do the ‘bought-in’ eggs and vegetables come from?
Free range eggs are bought in from Annabel’s Egg Shed in Wymondham where the hens can roam in 25 acres of grassland and woodland. The fruit comes from a variety of organic farms which we buy in from wholesalers Hughes Organics. During the transitional period we are buying in all our vegetables from local organic producers: Hughes Organics, Eves Hill Veg Co, From the Earth, Arthur’s Organics and from a small plot farmed by one of the FarmShare growers.

What is a CSA?
CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, it means that we are trying to develop a model which is different to the current, unsustainable food system. Our vision is a model where the farmers get a fair wage and a dependable, supportive market, the members have a direct link to where and how their food is grown, have a trust that nothing questionable has happened to their food, have the freshest and therefore most nutrient packed produce and know exactly what their money is supporting. It is a system that supports, rather than undermines the local economy, providing jobs and volunteering opportunities and it seeks to minimise and best use any ‘waste’ by giving even ‘knobbly’, ‘non-aesthetic’ veg to the members and showing how to preserve, cook seasonally and store vegetables. Your membership supports us toward this aim.

What’s happening now Farmshare have moved off the Postwick site?
We have now found our two wonderful new sites and are in the process of fundraising to set up for production. At first our focus will be on the Valpy Avenue site which will ultimately have an educational/outreach focus and we will put green manures down at the Whitlingham Nursery site in order to improve the soil before full set up next year (2018). Look out for our crowndfunding campaign. We are having some workdays on site please contact us if you’d like to come along and help!

How do I stay connected with news and events?
There are a number of ways to keep in touch. We will generally put notices up at the weekly hub about events and other information. You can also check out the Connect section of this website to signup to our newsletter email list and connect via social media.