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Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day for 22nd April!  The annual event, held since 1970, coincided this year with the signing of the Paris Agreement for Climate Change. The UN stated: “This landmark pact, in conjunction with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, holds the power to transform our […]


Salad Days

Last week Emma informed me proudly that they had harvested 14 kilos of salads from the farm.  Has anyone reminded her it is still February?  Not the month one usually associates with salads!   If this luscious picture is anything to go by, the salad is showing no […]

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We don’t get Workday Blues

On Saturday I managed to squeeze a couple of hours from the mundane to go along and join the workday at the Farm. If you remember, it was gloriously sunny.  I often think British weather is not really appreciated until you are out in it! […]

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Looking Forward

Before we start looking forward, I’m just going to look back and thank all involved with the set up of the Winter Fair at the Hub; we enjoyed 2 weeks of lovely extras, wreaths to make and apple juice punch to drink.  And of course […]


Top Tips for Farmsharers

Today, psychologists agree that people who can look for the positive in dark times are happier and healthier. A few years ago, I stumbled across this ancient Jewish text, written by a man called Habakkuk: “Although the fig tree may not blossom, And there may […]

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Inspiring Community Gardening Projects 2015

You FarmShare lot are so inspiring!  A commenter on Facebook last week posted his intentions to start growing his own veg after lamenting that everyone moans about our “shot society” and does little about it.  Friends quickly pointed him in the direction of Community Supported Agriculture and Norwich […]

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“Why aren’t there more songs about squash?”

“ Precisely, Darren Hanlon (Australian urban-folk singer); why aren’t there more songs about squash? Fortunately for us, there were plenty of gorgeous squash to choose from this week as the harvest arrived. Elanor, my youngest, wanted a black one (well dark green to be precise; […]

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Beans Means Borlotti

This week we got beans!  Borlotti beans – also named Cranberry beans due to their striking reddish pink streaks.  It was enough to raise a large exclamation from me as I delved into the bag of goodies my Steve had brought back from the hub.  But let me give […]

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Fennel, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

    Another week and another glorious harvest. A fellow member and I were feeling rather self satisfied whilst at the hub.  We left in the low sunshine of an autumn evening, luscious fennel and curly kale brimming over our (jute) bags – I have to […]

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Naughty Rabbit Pie

Well another week has come around and there is news at the farm: rabbits are infiltrating the poly tunnel and have been eating the seedlings. Naughty rabbits. I suppose they have sniffed out the only sumptuous shoots in the area – not much else has […]

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Season of Mists and Mellow Salads

With the month turning around, we really feel like the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness is upon us too. Trees around the farm have begun to turn vibrant shades of red and orange – so it’s official – we are in Autumn, with its […]


Cooking the Share

Hi, I’m Claire and I’m a farmshare member who has volunteered to help out with the blog for a while. I’m normally amongst a swarm of children, 3 of whom are my own. The kids also “help out” on the farm, their skills include finding […]