In October 2008, 50 people met to discuss the failings of our current food supply in Norwich under the umbrella of Transition Norwich. Motivated and empowered they broke into working groups, one of which was then called ‘Norwich City Farms’ group. Two years later with thanks to a grant from a lottery fund to get us started, Norwich FarmShare was launched.

With a variable membership of between 50 and 90, Norwich FarmShare set up on a 5 acre site at Postwick and has been growing vegetables for its members for 6 years. The owner of the site gave us notice in 2015 that he wanted to take the land back, and the project stopped harvesting vegetables at Postwick in June 2016.

The FarmShare community, led by its Trustees, Growers and Core Group members, recognised an opportunity to review and celebrate what had been achieved, to consolidate important lessons learnt along the way, and to make plans for a new redesigned project.

Supported by a small Big Lottery grant, we are now in the process of carrying out a feasibility study to look at what the new Norwich FarmShare will look like and we hope to be up and running on a new site early next year. A detailed study has been made considering various options for new sites, and a strategic plan is in the process of being developed setting out our vision, mission, aims and objectives.

In the meantime, during this transition period, we are working with local organic producers  Eves Hill Veg Co, From the Earth, Hughes Organics and Arthur’s Organics to provide delicious, fresh organic vegetables for our members each week. We also have produce from a small plot farmed by one of the FarmShare growers.